Pink spot pleated face mask

Pink spot pleated face mask

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Adult and child face covering made from 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric.  The lining will be in a contrasting fabric so you can identify the correct way to wear it.  

Available in a variety of prints and in 4 sizes to suit your face.  I have sourced super soft thin elastic for the ear straps to ensure they are as comfortable to wear as possible.

Please note, this is not a medical-grade mask. 

You should wash your face covering after each use.  It can be washed at temperatures of up to 60 degrees but do not tumble dry.  Dry naturally and lightly iron folds, avoiding the elastic.

Size guide:

Adult standard:  21cm x 6.5cm, opening up to 13cm.  Elastic to elastic unstretched - 32.5cm

Adult large:  22cm x 6.5cm, opening up to 13cm.  Elastic to elastic unstretched - 34.5cm

Child 4-7 years:  18cm x 5cm, opening up to 10.5cm.  Elastic to elastic unstretched - 28.5cm

Child 8-11 years:  20cm x 5.5cm, opening up to 12cm.  Elastic to elastic unstretched - 30.5

Please note, sizes and age brackets are approximate.  As we are all different, please measure your face before ordering.